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KickFit opens professional trainers an access to hundreds of thousands of new customers and to the KickFit trainee management tool.
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KickFit weight control app
KickFit app has become overwhelmingly popular among the users. Today we decided to let trainers from outside to work with our users.
KickFit welcomes pro trainers to our high-demand marketplace. We will connect our customers with You, so You could train them online or in-person through the KickFit platform.
Let Your perfect customers find You today!
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Creating activity plans
With KickFit You know exactly when to help or to kick your trainees’ ass!
KickFit takes the control under control for You. Take advantage now, and forget setting reminders for Yourself. Check out how it works for free!
Let KickFit automate all processes to increase Your income!
At least +126% more cash!
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Tells You how to make more money! We know what training plans bring more success.
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And tells You, who of Your clients are going to leave, before they do it.
Want to stop losing clients and money? When are You ready to stop it?
KickFit takes care of customer control. Makes management easier.
Let’s You motivate the trainees exactly just when they need it.
And gives You more free time to enjoy the money You make with KickFit!
27 kg / 60 lbs
Lose by 6 months
We created KickFit to be the most useful for trainees and trainers like You! We want to change Your life to better, because what You do – changes live of people who live being overweight and dream living absolutely differently. I’ve been there myself and know what exactly people feel and expect from YOU! Join KickFit team today and I promise that You will be sending our business cards to Your fellow trainers, once You see the advantage of KickFit
Ivan Novosiolov
CEO & founder of KickFit
27 kg / 60 lbs
Lose by 6 months